Larry Miller
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On the Edge - 2012

On the Edge - Big Guitar - Miller flexes his Marshall tone alluringly with the holy trinity at his disposal: Les Paul, Strat and Tele. There's Gary Moore-esque guitar histrionics (The Girl That Got Awav), spacious, mournful balladry (The Wrong Name) and unfussy grooves (Road Runner). Nine elegantly crafted compositions provide sturdy foundations for that deep, expressive, soloing style of his and we, for one, are sold. Blues-rock brilliance

Guitar and Bass Magazine
1 When Trouble Comes 4.38
2 The Girl That Got Away 6.25
3 Road Runner 4.15
4 The Wrong Name 7.36
5 Reel Me In 5.30
6 We Should Be One 7.19
7 The Devil's In The Detail 6.20
8 When The Bluesman Walked The Earth 6.30
9 The Wrong Name Part Two 4.11

Unfinished Business - 2010

"`Wow, he can play! It's a standard reaction to a chance encounter with British blues man Larry Miller, and is typically followed by another thought: Why isn't he a superstar?` maybe that's the Unfinished Business' Miller is referring to.

A big live draw for many years, Miller is now starting to write albums that bottle the white heat of his shows, and you sense this latest effort is his best shot at the A-list. Back in 2008, we were impressed with Outlaw Blues, but Unfinished Business is even better: a taut, fiery, ambitious record. With stinging riffs dropping like mortar fire, there's a temptation to categorise Miller as a `guitar hero` but that's a disservice to his excellent original writing and battle-scarred voice box. Business is good."
Classic Rock Magazine 2012
1 Mad Dog 4:13
2 As Blue As It Gets 4:12
3 Cruel Old World 9:20
4 Still Aint Done With The Blues 3:57
5 Unfinished Business 5:37
6 Covering me 3:23
7 Delilah 6:34
8 Gamblers Hill 4:20
9 Helter Skelter 7:05

Outlaw Blues - 2007

Miller has several aces up his sleeve,including an incisive line in original songwriting, a great backup band and a voice box that sounds like its been dragged behind a stagecoach. Above all that,the main reason to track down Outlaw Blues is because its author is, quite simply,one of the fieriest,fruitiest,ballsiest guitarists you're likely to hear,drenching his smart,self-penned tracks with blood and sweat,and ensuring you believe every last note. Being bad never sounded so good.
1 Shame On You 4:00
2 Writing's On the Wall 5:31
3 Calling All the Angels 4:49
4 Rebekah 3:05
5 Storm Comin' 5:57
6 Professor Casanova 3:48
7 Only One Woman I Want 4:10
8 Outlaw Blues 4:01
9 Blues Forever 5:27
10 Klondike 5:24

Fearless - 2005

Miller's back, and once again, he is on fire! This album is both toe tapping and poigniant. Featuring tracks like the energetic "Moll Moll Moll", and the heartbreaking tribute to Rory Gallagher in the track "Rory", Miller shows just how far he has come. Smoking hot lyrics combined with lightening fast guitar licks make the album one to spill your beer to!
1 Moll Moll Moll 2:24
2 Rory 4:03
3 Dead Man Walking 6:01
4 Emergency 5:02
5 Doctor in the House 4:37
6 Somethings Missing 3:42
7 Took the Bullet 3:47
8 I'll Be Your Bear 4:01
9 Missy Mango 4:20
10 Sinking Sand 3:52
11 Yours and No Other 3:04
12 To Stand Where She Stands 4:48
13 Beach Buggy Baby 3:34

Live `N` Loud - 2001

Larry and his band personify rock and roll at its very best; Larry adds a spellbinding extra dimension, most especially when performing live. His own compositions are excellent and showcase his outstading ability.
1 Stand & Deliver 5:10
2 How Can A Man Resist 4:08
3 Daddy's Car 6:28
4 99 Or More 5:20
5 Your Not Hurting Me 5:26
6 Do You Do You Not 5:39
7 Talk To Me 5:47
8 Yellow Roses 4:22
9 F.B.I 4:23
10 Mr. President 5:57

Man on a Mission - 2000

Amazing Blues Guitarist Larry Miller proves that he is serious about music with this new exciting album. Filled with original lyrics, blistering guitar work and good vocals, this album does not dissapoint.
1 Made in Heaven 4:00
2 Man On a Mission 3:00
3 When Will You Miss Me Too 4:17
4 Your Not Hurting Me 3:33
5 Sold Down the River 3:45
6 Yellow Roses 4:22
7 Bad Bad Mama 3:20
8 Life Isn't Life Without You 4:30
9 How Can a Man Resist 3:54
10 Babes in Magazines 4:18
11 Soul in Chains 4:46
12 (i Ain't Gonna) Bite No Dust 3:24

Larryocaster - 1997

Stunning guitarist and singer/songwriter Larry Miller leads his excellent band through a sensational set of Blues Rock originals, in the footsteps of Rory Gallagher and Jimi Hendrix. Miller is the real Deal, and a great fun night out. Millers Band features the amazing Andy Machine Gun on the drums and on bass Mel Waters.
1 Mr President 4:26
2 F.b.i. 3:40
3 Back Stabber Blues 4:37
4 What in the World 6:31
5 Kisses 2:10
6 No Mans Land 8:20
7 Got Your Letter 4:44
8 One Rule For You 4:41