Larry Miller

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"`Wow, he can play! It's a standard reaction to a chance encounter with British blues man Larry Miller, and is typically followed by another thought: Why isn't he a superstar?` maybe that's the Unfinished Business' Miller is referring to.

A big live draw for many years, Miller is now starting to write albums that bottle the white heat of his shows, and you sense this latest effort is his best shot at the A-list. Back in 2008, we were impressed with Outlaw Blues, but Unfinished Business is even better: a taut, fiery, ambitious record. With stinging riffs dropping like mortar fire, there's a temptation to categorise Miller as a `guitar hero` but that's a disservice to his excellent original writing and battle-scarred voice box. Business is good."

Classic Rock Magazine 2012

"Holding his captive audience in a packed out venue hypnotising them into a trance with his guitar skills. A true master at work who many have said fit's a void left by the great late Rory Gallagher. Much respected within the music industry by fellow artists who have nothing but good words to say about him and his guitar playing ability"

Blues matters 2011

"As the natural successor to Rory Gallagher and Alvin Lee, Miller with the right backing looks set to commute his way to fortune with ease"

The International Encyclopedia of Hard Rock

"Fabulous finesse and feel, modern, fun and inspiring, a real blast !"

Guitar Techniques

"Fantastic World Class Guitarist"

Bluesrockers USA

"Highly Impressive ...a Total Victory"


"A Blues Rock Powerhouse"

The Guardian

"Pure Class"

Sunday Express

"The Uk's Stevie Ray Vaughan ... and more !"

Mojo Magazine

"His Guitar playing is simply mesmerising"

Blues Matters

"A big live draw for many years- with stinging riffs dropping like Mortar fire"

Classic Rock Magazine UK

"Sensational Blues Rock Guitarist"

Guitar World USA